Mulch Much? The Benefits of Using Mulch in Your Garden

Posted on Feb 29 2016 - 7:27am by UOG


One of the best ways to bet on a healthy garden, is to incorporate using some kind of mulch.  Mulch comes in many forms, and doesn’t have to be expensive.  The info-graphic below will help explain the in’s-and-out’s of using mulch in your vegetable garden.

“The most basic benefit of mulch is moisture retention. Yields are directly affected by the amount of water in the soil. And, in dryer climates where rainfall is scarce, gardeners will want their soil to retain as much water as possible. Simply by covering the top of the soil in a thin layer of organic material, you will drastically reduce the level of moisture evaporated from the soil. The graphic below shows just how dramatically mulching can reduce evaporation. Mulching can retain up to 80 percent of added moisture in your soil. When you keep the top of the soil protected from direct heat, it will lose less water, and thus be a better environment for your plants. Great mulch also has the ability to breathe, and not become a place where mold issues arise, which would be unhealthy for plant life.”


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