Homestead Hospital’s “Grow2Heal” Community Garden is Teaching People About the Power Of Plants

Posted on Feb 4 2016 - 8:12pm by UOG


People are becoming more aware about the benefits of plant-based diets, especially when it comes to the field of preventative medicine.  Hospitals all over the world are starting to pay more attention to the food they serve.  Instead of jello-cups, more hospitals are starting to use fruits and vegetables as healing tools.

“Baptist Health South Florida’s Homestead Hospital (975 Baptist Way, Homestead), for one, is stepping up its nutrition game with the Grow2Heal community garden. ”

“In efforts to address our community’s socioeconomic issues, we dedicated 10 acres of vacant land adjacent to the hospital to develop an organic garden as a bold, innovative attempt to offer our community preventative health through fresh, nutritious foods,” says Thi Squire, the garden’s project manager. “We feel that our garden shows that there is no greater loving action than to feed and nourish our community.”

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