Could The Future Of Urban Farming Be Found Inside Of An Old Shipping Container?

Posted on Feb 6 2016 - 7:47pm by UOG

Freight-Farms-Corner-Stalk-638x424“All Freight Farms units are built in repurposed 40-foot insulated shipping containers. Everything from water to the LED lights in the units are digitally controlled, and each unit is also a Wifi hotspot, connected to the network of Freight Farm units across the country.

Today more than 50 farmers are growing produce in refrigerated shipping containers known as “Leafy Green Machines”.  The are functioning mini farms that boast vertical hydroponics and LED lighting systems. The machines “are 320 square-foot self-contained farming units that can grow as much produce as two acres of farmland using less water per day than the average American needs for a single shower.”

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