Urban Farming in Long Forgotten Tunnels Below London

Posted on Jan 29 2016 - 6:56pm by UOG

uogIn the tunnels below London, you’ll find an abandoned bomb shelter that was once able to accommodate around 8,000 people.  These days, it provides a controllable environment ideal for growing crops underground. Their aim is to provide produce with zero effects on the environment.  The site is located just two miles from city center and promises “farm to fork in less than four hours”.

“The location allows for all year round urban farming, as it’s unaffected by weather and seasonal changes. It is a pesticide-free environment and the hydroponics system employed is said to use 70 percent less water than traditional open-field farming. Likewise, the lighting and irrigation systems mean the crops can be grown with very little energy. What energy is used is sourced only from green suppliers.”

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