Underwater Farms Are Growing Basil, Strawberries and Lettuce

Posted on Jan 19 2016 - 6:13pm by UOG


Off the coast of northwest Italy a group called the Ocean Reef Group along with a team of agricultural experts are installing ballon like mini greenhouses under the sea. Inside they are growing things like basil, strawberries, cabbage and beans.  They currently have 7 pods which can each hold around 22 potted plants.

“Unlike underground hydroponic systems and greenhouses, which rely on various heating and cooling systems and LED lights to regulate the temperature, submersion in seawater offers a stable temperature while avoiding exposure to extreme weather conditions on land. When it comes to sunlight, studies have shown that a majority of plants – although not seaweed – are dependent on the red spectrum in light for physiological development; the red can filter out at depths of around five to 15m. To address this, the pods are submerged five to eight metres below the surface; they could potentially go deeper but more data is needed to work out the viability of this.”

You can read the full article at: “TheGuardian.com

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