7 Easy to Build Vertical Gardens

Posted on Dec 27 2015 - 3:51pm by UOG

Not everyone who grows their own food has acres of land or even a large suburban backyard. Many home gardeners everywhere are learning how to grow their favorite fruits, veggies and herbs vertically to save space. This is important for high-rise dwellers, balcony or rooftop gardeners and even renters who are unable to use what little space they may have in their yard.

Here’s 7 easy to build vertical gardens, perfect for those who are short on space!

4.Shoe Organizer Garden

clayplanter071806Tipsy Tower Garden

basket-01Hanging Basket Garden

p1070455Bottle Garden

capture-20151227-173953Vertical Living Wall

toronto-sip-balcony-garden-in-the-skyBalcony Garden with Trellis

garden project9 (1)Milk Carton Vertical Garden

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