6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Growing Hydroponically

Posted on Dec 10 2015 - 9:29am by UOG

There are plenty of good reasons why you should get try getting your feet wet with hydroponics, but here’s 6 reasons that might just have you building your own system this weekend.


#1- You Are In Control:

You will become the master of the water, experimenting with different nutrients to come up with an easy formula to keep your plants at their healthiest.  You’ll decided when they eat, and how much of what they absorb.  Don’t let this intimidate you, it’s easier than it sounds.  Most hydroponic growers will express their favorite thing about growing this way is the fact they are in absolute control of how well their plants do.

#2- Hydroponics Will Free Up Your Time:

You’ll be able to produce crops faster hydroponically, which will allow you to plant more during the season.  You’ll spend less time weeding and doing other back-breaking chores too because there’s no soil to fuss with. Don’t forget, no soil means you’ll be spending a lot less time with pest control as well.  Hate watering? Problem solved. Growing in water means you’ll be breaking out the hose a lot less.  A LOT LESS.

#3- Less Plant Disease & Pests:

Both of these are drastically reduced when you’re growing hydroponically.  When you remove the soil from the equation you automatically reduce the soil-borne diseases and pests that many gardeners spend hours trying to combat.

#4-Hydroponics Actually SAVES Water:

Watering is part of gardening, however you can actually save about 90% of the water you’d regularly use in traditional gardening by switching to hydroponics.  Think about it, when you water your garden every day or every other day, much of that water actually runs off. It isn’t even being directed completely towards your plants.   Much of it drains from the bottom of your containers too, if you’re practicing container gardening. With hydroponics, there is no run-off.  Water is continually circulated through the plants roots. If you’re watering garden soil, you’re also bound to experience a lot more evaporation than if you had the water running through a hydroponic set-up.

#5- No Weeding:

No soil, no weeds. It’s pretty darn simple.  Exciting isn’t it?! 

#6- Space Saving:

You’ll be able to actually save space and grow more crops in the space you have if you switch to hydroponics.  The design of your hydroponic system is only limited to your own imagination.  Want to grow up? Not a problem.  Hydroponics allow you to pack in crops close together, and grow vertically at the same time.

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