How to make a Mario Brothers Mushroom using a Radish

Posted on Dec 5 2013 - 11:52am by UOG


Mario Brothers Radish Head is brought to you by

6 Steps:

Step 1. Put a knife in the middle of a radish, and make a small incision.


Step 2. Hold the radish, and spin the radish VERY SLOWLY, and cut all the way around the radish.

Step 3. Make four incisions on the bottom side of mushroom like in the pictures. *Don’t cut past the half line!

Step 4. Trim the stem part, and cut off the bottom.


Step 5. Put a knife on the surface of the radish, and peel the skin. *It’s kind of like peeling an apple, but you don’t rotate the radish, and just peel the skin off.

Step 6. You can make the stem part wider, put a small piece of seaweed and make a Mario Mushroom too.


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