Greener, healthier, more sustainable: why cities of the future need more biodiversity

Posted on Jan 6 2020 - 1:23pm by UOG

Modern science has proven environmental factors heavily influence human health – which is why each and every one of us would benefit from an intact ecosphere with good quality air, water and produce. In fact, by changing the conditions in which we live, we might be able to improve our health and reduce costs for healthcare systems.

And since biodiversity is a reasonable indicator of the overall health of an ecosystem, we should try to optimize it. In consequence we might improve the health of the inhabitants and liveability of urban environments.

Ecologists bemoan the fact that urban environments are often left out of biodiversity studies – and that urban environments lack true biodiversity, period, due to the lack of spaces undisturbed by humans, the lack of corridors between green patches and the overall level of pollution.

How can cities of the future transform themselves to be more sustainable, healthier and biodiverse? Here are a few ideas.


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