Composting Dog Poop: Yes, I’m Serious

Posted on Feb 17 2012 - 1:08am by Mike Lieberman

How can that title not grab your attention?



Maybe, but it’s also possible to compost your dog’s poop.

I came across the post on Rainbow Worms’ blog. Here is an excerpt:

I thought I would share some Photos of my Doggie Poo Compost. I have two dogs which have no concept of moderation. LOL. I use recycled wine barrels each barrel is in a different stage of composting. I don’t use this compost on my vegetable Garden, but rather in my flower beds , and Lawn. I mix shredded Paper with the doggie Poo. I’m using a mix of composting worms. Mostly European Night Crawlers, I was using Indian Blue but last winter was so cold they were almost wiped out. They do a great job turning the waste product in to usable compost. I think this is a great way of keeping the pathogens out of our landfills and water supply. Compost Happens.. — Read the full “Doogie Poo Compost” post

To be clear, you shouldn’t use it in your vegetable garden and only use it in your flower beds.

It’s definitely not on the what to compost list.

Not sure this is something that I’d do in a small space. I’d definitely consider if I had a larger space where I can keep it far, far away. Far away.

It’s not actionable for most of us, but I thought it was interesting enough to share and good conversation starter at your next social gathering.

Your Turn

How will you introduce this into a discussion at your next social gathering?

Photo courtesy of Parker Yo! on Flickr.