Speech About Growing Your Own Food at OccupyLA

Posted on Nov 2 2011 - 2:55am by Mike Lieberman

I was asked to speak at Occupy LA about growing your own food. The speech touches on how the food industry is similar to the financial world and what we can do to bring about the change that we want to see.

Excerpts from the speech:

This Occupy movement that started out on Wall Street was started because of the outrage at the outsized power of the banks and financial industry.

As the movement has grown to other cities, it’s become apparent that this doesn’t only apply to the financial world, but to a lot of other aspects of our lives as well.

The power is in the hands of an elite few that have an interest in keeping us clueless and left out in the cold to maintain the status quo that benefits them.

When you look at the financial world, it’s pretty apparent. That’s why we are all here today.

When it comes to our food and food policy, the same thing can be said. Just like in the financial world, the food industry has lots of money and lobbyists pulling strings.

What does all of this mean though? One of the complaints that I hear about these Occupy movements is that there is no plan of action. It’s just protesting and complaining.

So let’s talk about some action. Any action that can be done.

Let’s talk about growing your own food. I’m not talking about completely living off the land and being completely self-sufficient, I’m talking about growing some of your own food.

How will that make a difference?

We live in a country that’s run on capitalism. Though dead for many years, George Washington is still a pretty powerful guy. He can help to change people’s minds pretty quickly.

When you grow some of your own food, you are voting. You are voting against the current food system and the monopoly that it is. You are taking a dollar away from those large corporations. You are becoming more self-sufficient and lest reliant on the system and corporations.

I’m not saying that just one person growing something, will make a difference. No doubt about that. But if I grow something, and you grow something and you grow something and you grow something and you all inspire someone else to grow something. That one + one + one + one effect becomes huge and on a larger scale makes a big difference. All of us taking that action, will help to shift some power and bring about change.

People, we live in LA where we can pretty much grow year round. Let’s take advantage of this and do something about this situation that we aren’t happy with. Let’s take action today and make some change that we all want to see.

Here is the speech in its entirety, including some dude heckling me for a quick moment. Hope you enjoy and chime in with some other ways that we can help bring about the change that we want to see.