We are Humans. We Grow Food.

Posted on Jun 1 2011 - 2:55am by Mike Lieberman

When people ask why they should grow their own food, I don’t break out all kinds of reports and studies that tell how it’s better for you and the environment. I break it down even simpler and tell them it’s because we are human. It’s what we do.

It’s not until the last 100 or so years that we’ve stopped growing our own and put that responsibility in the hands of others. Think about it. Humans have grown their own food for hundreds and thousands of years.

Civilizations and societies were built around fertile land and access to water. Communities were built around food. There is so much that goes into it from the planning to the planting, tending to the harvesting and most importantly the preparing and sharing of it. It’s what brings people together on so many levels.

We now just skip right to the eating, which is often done on the run too.

These days we’ve come to sit at a desk in front a computer all day or in a large SUV traveling through space. That’s not what we are designed to do. That’s all relatively new to us.

This is why I keep it simple and say that the reason we should grow our own food is because we are humans. I’m not saying an entire garden, but growing just one thing will make a difference.

What’s your thoughts?