USDA’s My Plate = Waste of My Money

Posted on Jun 15 2011 - 2:06am by Mike Lieberman

It’s been a few weeks since the USDA unveiled My Plate along with the help of First Lady Michelle Obama. This replaces the old food pyramid.

My only commentary on how it’s divided is – when did protein become a food group? Wonder if this could have anything to do from the meat lobbying industry. I won’t get into that discussion because Michele does a wonderful job of that on Appetite for Profit with Why we need more policy instead of My Plate.

I would like to address the $2 million of our money that went into creating the kindergarten sketch. This is what our tax dollars are going towards?!?! It doesn’t even come close to addressing the issue of what’s wrong with our food.

For the most part, the plate would likely be more nutritious than the foods that are actually being put onto it.

If Michelle Obama really cared about health and what people are putting on their plate, then why doesn’t she take the time to talk to her husband about deregulating GMO crops.

That would be time better spent then posing for another photo-op like she does with the White House garden. That might mean that she would actually have to dedicate the time and show that she really cares. It would take away from the flashing cameras.

The head of the USDA might want to spend some time cleaning up the food industry that is putting out arsenic laced chicken, but that would mean confronting his friends and those that put him in the position he is in.

The creation of this plate took something like two years and $2 million, talk about a complete and total waste. You can put all the protein, vegetables and fruit you want on a plate, but if it’s causing sickness and disease, who cares?

This is why I’m not into counting calories and why I grow my own food.

Why not allocate the time and resources into addressing the real issue and not just masking it some more?

Better yet, stop wasting my f’n money on this crap. I want a refund.