Organic Isn’t a Trend. It’s the Way It’s Been.

Posted on May 18 2011 - 2:53am by Mike Lieberman

There was a post on Serious Eats titled Food Trend you wish would fade away?

Of the 160+ comments left, there were a handful that stood out to me. Those were left from the people who were hatin on the “organic” and “local” food trends.

These comments reiterated to me how disconnected from food we have become. I’m pretty sure, but organic and local aren’t necessarily food trends. It’s not until the last 100-200 years that we have had non-local and conventionally grown foods available to us.

Organic and local were your only options. You didn’t have the luxury of living in New York and being able to buy pineapples or mangos.

The trend that has developed is having these overly processed foodlike products available to us. It’s having unseasonal foods imported to us from thousands of miles away.

We don’t realize or appreciate how lucky and fortunate we are to have these options available to us. Instead, we take them for granted.

It’s more difficult these days for people to get local and organic food than to get the imported stuff.

One commenter said, “I have to agree with Organic. I know people who won’t eat anything that’s not organic and they pay out the wazoo! Ridiculous in my opinion.”

This is likely the same person who pays ridiculous amounts for prescription drugs, a large screen TV and SUV.

We have become so far disconnected from food that we see it as that…an expense that’s not warranted.

So eating local and organic isn’t a food trend. It’s our history.

The food trends that I’d like to see fade away are the overly processed, boxed and packaged garbage that’s being sold to us to disappear. I’d also like to see conventionally grown and GMOd crops to fade away.

What food trends would you like to see fade away?