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Posted on Mar 21 2011 - 2:32am by Mike Lieberman

I’d like to introduce Gardener’s Supply Company as a sponsor of Urban Organic Gardener. I spoke with one of their Social Media Manager, David Grist, to learn more about the company. Here’s the Q&A.

What does your company specialize in?
Seedstarting systems, composters, containers, garden and yard decor, landscaping, pest control, watering, and nature inspired gifts.

Which of your products do you think is a must have and why
It all depends on how you garden. For vegetable gardeners, I think everyone should have a raised bed. Our Raised Bed Corners are my favorite because even folks who are not known for being “handy” can build sturdy raised beds. For flower gardeners, our line of flower supports is the best.

What do sustainable and organic gardening mean to you?
Rather than trying to define those terms, I think it’s important to look at gardening more broadly. What can you reasonably achieve in your garden? How can you do it with a lighter footprint on the earth? At Gardener’s Supply, we believe gardening nourishes the body, elevates the spirit, builds community and makes the world a better place.

What herb or veggie do you recommend for first-timers?
First timers should check with good gardeners in their neighborhood. The best information comes “across the fence.” For space-saving gardeners, tomatoes are a good choice. Pole beans, too.

What is your funniest gardening story?
We are having a lot of fun with our Classic Garden Gnomes.

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