Why Organic Gardening Makes Sense

Posted on Jan 18 2011 - 3:23am by Mike Lieberman

There was a post on Rodale.com on rodent control and how it was effecting barn owls. Even though this post wasn’t specifically about gardening, it can certainly be related to why organic gardening makes sense.

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

Other studies have found these dangerous chemicals building up in the bodies of herbivorous animals like squirrels and deer. Scientists aren’t sure why they’re building up in herbivores, but the evidence suggests that the chemicals are extremely persistent in the environment and do damage far beyond the rats and mice they’re intended to kill.

This is part of a larger problem. We see a problem and we attempt to fix that problem. The whole picture isn’t looked at. Rodents are the problem and we do something to get rid of them.

Often a spray, toxic chemical or something else is used. We don’t think or see how it effects everything else. There are other animals that interact with that rodent afterwards that become effected.

It goes beyond just effecting the “problem” (rodent). The entire eco-system becomes disturbed and a trickle down effect occurs.

This happens once you start to use sprays and chemicals. This is why organic methods make sense because they take the entire eco-system into consideration and works within it. Whether it’s through using beneficial insects, non-toxic sprays or another method, it’s more sustainable for everyone and thing involved.

You might get rid of one problem, but you start to create others such as with the owls mentioned in that post.

What are your thoughts and methods you use?