Make Sure To Have A Container To Transplant Your Seeds

Posted on May 26 2010 - 3:45am by Mike Lieberman

Yes it might sound obvious, but when you start your seeds make sure that you have a container to transplant them into. I didn’t and had a tray of dead seedlings. This could very well be one of the biggest gardening mistakes that I’ve made.

Last week the seedlings were slanting a bit. This week they are all dead.

A few of the pots were popped open and the roots appeared to be a bit compact causing their demise.

The toilet paper roll seed starter pots are so shallow and don’t allow for much root expansion. There is about 1/2″ of soil at most in each one.

This is not to say that these seed starter pots aren’t good to use. What I am saying is that if you are going to use them to make sure that you have containers or pots readily available to put them in or something larger to transplant them into before putting outdoors.

All is not lost. The dead seedlings were tossed into my worm composter and will eventually make their way back into my urban gardens.

Point your finger and laugh, but I’m sure you’ve made your own obvious mistakes in starting your seeds. Let’s hear them.