Making a Composting Mistake

Posted on Dec 14 2009 - 8:15am by Mike Lieberman

The composting mistake that I made is pretty simple – I killed my worms.

Shortly after starting my worm compost bin, I had to dry it out because it was too wet from all the coffee grinds.

That didn’t work and the worms were all dead. So I properly buried their remains along with the newspaper bedding at the local community compost.

That didn’t stop me from starting a new worm bin. Why would I let it? I made a mistake, learned from it and now I’m one step closer to success.

I cleaned out the old bin, put a fresh bedding of newspaper and another pound of worms. This time I put the bedding in, dropped in the worms and let them get situated for about 10-15 minutes, sprinkled some food scraps on the top and closed the lid.

I’ll leave them alone for a week or so and periodically check in.

Any tips or advice for my second go around?