Kale is Thriving in the Cold Weather

Posted on Dec 9 2009 - 5:45am by Mike Lieberman

This is the first check in of my fire escape garden since returning from my Urban Kinder-Garden Workshop in Los Angeles.

The weather has dropped into the 40s here and 30s at night, but the kale plants are thriving in this cold weather. Once I removed the small plastic greenhouse from them, they still look healthy and to be growing.

The container with the red peppers in it didn’t look as well. I think it might be on it’s way out. I was able to pick one small pepper from it, but the leaves were looking all kinds of wilted. Going to leave it up to see how much longer it’ll last though.

A few weeks ago, I did some housecleaning on my fire escape by removing some of the hanging soda bottle planters.

This week I removed about four more – a kale, mint and two lettuces because they were on their way out.

The good thing is that the kale is doing well in the cold weather. I’m not sure if it’s because of the greenhouse or if it naturally does well in the cold or a combination of both.

What do you think? Whatever the answer is, it’s December and I gots some kale on my fire escape.