What I Learned About Planting Herbs Together

Posted on Sep 28 2009 - 4:45am by Mike Lieberman

I learned a good lesson about planting herbs together in the same container. It’s not best to do so. Similar to planting celery in the same container – nothing horrible will happen, but the herbs won’t grow as well.

When I first planted them in my backyard vegetable garden in Brooklyn, the herbs were planted two to a container.

It just happened to work out that my grandmother had just enough containers to accommodate that, and I didn’t want to buy any more.

So they were planted based on what I thought tasted well together. Made perfect sense to me. Rosemary and thyme, chocolate and spearmint and so on.

The thyme totally dominated the container and the rosemary barely grew. While both of the mints grew, they got entangled and didn’t last too long.

I definitely think that the herbs would’ve done much better if they were planted in their own containers.

Another lesson learned and no one or thing was harmed.

What’s your experience with planting herbs together?