‘Gangsta Gardener’ Ron Finley’s easy guide to growing your own veggies

Posted on Oct 21 2020 - 8:08am by UOG

Never before has it been more important to consider growing you own vegetables.

But how? American gardening guru Ron Finley, aka the Gangsta Gardener, shares some down-to-earth advice with Sanet Oberholzer.

Is not having green fingers really a thing?

We all have green fingers because we all are carbon, we come from the earth and where do we go back to? We turn into soil. Everybody has green hands – you just have to put them to use. The bottom line is you are a custodian of the system. Mother Nature does everything else, we just are helping. I tell people: grow it to know it. People need to find the joy in this. It’s not just a hobby – it’s a life skill that we all should have.

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