Don’t panic, but it’s time to start your autumn gardening chores

Posted on Sep 28 2020 - 2:00pm by UOG

Cooler nights bring questions, and we have been having cooler nights. I note more than a hint of panic, folks. Relax. The leaves have really not even started to turn color and lawns are still growing.

Let’s start with lawn questions. There were several about fertilizing, probably due to the influence of Madison Avenue. There is always inventory left in the fall that has to be moved, and this results in planted articles insisting fall is the time to fertilize your lawn with nitrogen-laden, synthetic fertilizer.

Here in Alaska, we don’t use synthetic fertilizers, only organic, but even if we did, we would realize the flush of growth they would cause is not what we want as we go into winter. Still, let me make it simple. Microbe foods can be put down any time of the year without causing the flush of growth and drain-off of chemical fertilizers.


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