‘Growing Together’ gardening program hands out free garden boxes

Posted on Apr 7 2020 - 6:34pm by UOG

There’s something special about growing your own food.

From feeling the silky soil between your fingers to watching the seeds you planted finally begin to sprout — it’s a feeling of accomplishment and pure joy, it’s a feeling Dr. Steven Shimotakahara wanted to share with others.

On Saturday, Dr. Shimotakahara, the chairman of the board of the North Bend Medical Center and board-certified ENT physician, donated over 20 garden boxes to local foster families throughout Coos County as a way to encourage their children to eat more vegetables.

A community-based project, which was started by Dr. Shimotakahara about two years ago, the “Growing Together” program not only taught young children about gardening but also encouraged them to eat healthy.

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