Fearing Shortages, People Are Planting More Vegetable Gardens

Posted on Mar 29 2020 - 3:57am by UOG

People still struggle to find food at grocery stores during this pandemic, but Jameson Altott is not as worried. He grows more than half the food for his family from his large garden at home, outside Pittsburgh.

“We are lucky to have preserved a lot of food and we still have canned fruits and vegetables and jams and berries in the freezer and meat in the freezer,” Altott says.

There has been a surge of people interested in growing their own food. Oregon State University’s Master Gardener program noticed this, and made their online vegetable gardening course free through the end of April. Their post on Facebook was shared more than 21,000 times.

“We’re being flooded with vegetable orders,” says George Ball, executive chairman of the Burpee Seed Company, based in Warminster, Penn.

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