Posted on Jun 3 2019 - 8:02am by UOG

If dandelion wine captures the essence of summer for adults, then dandelion ice cream sums it up for kids.  This flower infused treat is sweetened with honey.  All you need is one cup of dandelion petals, which should be available on any respectable pesticide-free lawn.

Making dandelions into ice cream isn’t a new idea, but rather than blossoms, most recipes use roasted dandelion roots.  The book Pacific Feast: A Foragers Guide to West Coast Cooking and Cuisine has a recipe for roasted dandelion root ice cream.  I’d imagine that it tastes a bit like coffee, given that roasted dandelion roots are used as a wild coffee substitute.

The blossoms have an entirely different character, and they taste like honey when made into a summertime dandelion jelly.  I’m playing up their honey notes by sweetening this ice cream with a light clover honey.

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