Dye Easter Eggs The Natural Way!

Posted on Apr 15 2019 - 8:00am by UOG

Dye Easter Eggs The Natural Way! Dyeing Easter eggs is a fun tradition that’s been around for centuries. So, how did our ancestors make all of those bright colors back before commercial egg dyes were sold in stores every spring? They used natural Easter egg dye colors.

Making Natural Easter Egg Dyes With Fruits and Veggies
Making natural Easter egg dye colors out of fruits, vegetables, and other everyday items you can find in your home or garden is both easy and fun. Everything from onion skins to grass can be used to make vibrant all-natural colors. Just throw the raw materials into the boiling water while you cook the eggs — you’ll need to boil each color separately — and you’re good to go!

For really vivid color, be sure to add at least a half a cup of the dyeing material (such as berries), and two teaspoons of vinegar, for each cup of water you use.

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