How some home truths can help save the planet

Posted on Jan 21 2019 - 7:28am by UOG

The garden is one of the keys to solving the two greatest problems facing humankind, namely rapid species extinction and the effects of our changing climate.

Gardens, plants, and the ecosystems in which they thrive will act as carbon sinks and filter the air that we breathe. It has never been more important that we realize this and that we protect our garden spaces, and by this, I don’t just mean our few square meters outside the back door. No, I also mean the wild public spaces. They are ours and they are helping us all to survive. We need to think about how, in our own gardens and in public spaces, by welcoming in nature, we can play an extremely important role in saving the planet.

Most of us don’t want to damage the natural world, the great outdoors, even though we sometimes unwittingly do. Thus, we need to educate ourselves as to what all of us can do with our gardens.


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