How to Bring Lush Greenhouse Vibes to Your Home During the Colder Months

Posted on Dec 15 2018 - 8:02pm by UOG

1. Pick hardy plants. Of course, if you don’t have a green thumb to start with, winter can pose a whole other challenge. Use this season to focus on naturally hardy and already well-established plants, rather than deciding now’s the time to try your hand at a new specialty. “Sansevieria is a standby as a truly solid, highly tolerant plant,” Lowrie tells Brit + Co. “[At Terrain], we are liking the narrow shape and natural form of Fernwood Sansevieria, or Sansevieria Moonshine, for its brighter, frosty green foliage.”

2. Stick to your routine. If tending to plants is part of your self-care, be sure to keep this habit going strong, especially since moods can plummet during the winter. “Beyond the air-purifying benefits and the way that plants brighten up and bring life to interior spaces, for us it’s about maintaining the connection to nature throughout the year and the ritual of tending them, especially in the colder months,” Lowrie says. Engaging in pruning and tending rituals can be a fulfilling part of your day and can boost your mood when you’re not getting as much interaction with the outdoors.

3. Make a mister your best friend. If your favorite plants are struggling as temperatures drop, remember that it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. “Many ferns and other lush plants will thrive in low-light situations, but humidity is often the biggest challenge for otherwise tolerant houseplants,” says Lowrie. “To remedy, we scatter misters throughout the house, and I make habit of misting while on the phone or chatting with my partner.” A simple spritz here and there might be the difference between lush greenhouse vibes and saying goodbye to your favorite plant pal.


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