VIDEO: From banana trees to bees: Darien’s urban garden is a slice of paradise

Posted on Jun 14 2018 - 4:52am by UOG


Ok, maybe a few more than four. Closer to 2,000.

But the golf clubs used by Wayne Riedel and Eric Joosten in Darien’s urban garden on Old King’s Highway aren’t for any golf game.

The pair has recycled thousands of golf clubs to use for stakes in their expansive garden now more than five years strong. They cut the ends off with a pair of cutters.”

“Genovese and Baywater acquired the land in 2007 along with other downtown properties and decided to let Joosten and Riedel use it since there were no immediate plans for it.
It continues to grow in size and popularity. Joosten named more than 10 breeds of tomatoes of all colors and sizes expected to come in — from heirlooms to cherries to grapes to yellows”

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