What every urban gardener needs to do before planting

Posted on May 30 2018 - 7:04am by UOG


“DETROIT (WXYZ) – As urban gardening grows in popularity more and more people are trying their hand at a green thumb. However, those new to urban gardening should be aware of the threats caused by soil with contaminants and the need to test.

“In this situation, ignorance is not bliss,” said Michigan Urban Farm Initiative’s B.J. Franovic. “You should test your soil, you should figure all of that out.”

Franovic stressed the need to test your soil, but also noted it’s not a death sentence if you find high levels of lead or other toxic materials in your soil. The EPA offers similar advice online stating, “the possibility of contamination at a garden site should not keep you from planning an urban garden,” but it does require special attention.”

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