[MUST READ] Volcanic Eruptions Threaten Sanctuary & Retreat in Hawaii

Posted on May 16 2018 - 8:12am by UOG

Aloha Familia! Our beloved Laura & Noah Dawn are going through a huge life-upheaval with the volcanic eruptions happening in their hometown of Pahoa, Hawaii. They have packed up their entire sanctuary as much as possible and are leaving their property with deep hopes of returning to pristine land once again. However, this is having a mega impact on their income for the summer as they facilitate retreats and with the volcanic eruptions, things are shifting every day.

Money from this campaign will be used to cover all damage costs, moving, storage, as well as be a safety-net for all bills and expenses that need to be paid because there is no income coming in.

HELP SUPPORT Laura & Noahh Dawn HERE: GoFundMe

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