The Rise in Urban Chicken Farming

Posted on Apr 12 2018 - 7:44pm by UOG

DENVER — Gone are the days of moving to rural communities to become farmers. Instead, more and more people living in metro areas are becoming, ‘Urban Farmers’; especially when it comes to raising chickens.

“I joined a lot of chicken groups on the internet I never thought I’d join,” a slightly embarrassed Aaron Serna admitted.

At first, Serna didn’t know a thing about chickens. But the more he researched them, the more he found himself intrigued. Same goes for Ryan Zeman.

“Chicken facts 101,” Zeman joked.

Both men started raising chickens as a way to appreciate their food more and because of the health benefits associated with it.

“We just kind of wanted to experience and be more connected to our food,” Serna said. “I think it’s something people don’t really understand the amount of energy and work that goes into making food. So it was a way for us to understand that and be more appreciative”.

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  1. Susmita Khan April 17, 2018 at 9:35 pm -

    Chicken farming in urban area is now getting increasing focus and attention now a days. Thanks for sharing valuable guideline for chicken farming.

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