North 40 – An Urban Farm Experience

Posted on Jan 2 2018 - 6:38pm by UOG


“The North 40 Urban Farm will be a unique fully integrated food, beverage, and floral production, processing, distribution, and sales location set in a 43 acre farm in Carlsbad California adjacent to I-5. The unique blend of farm environment and urban convenience will provide an opportunity in more than 110,000 square feet of facilities accommodating the Wholesale Floral Trade Center, North 40 Marketplace, Culinary Center, Craft Microbreweries and Wineries for a select group of vendors, processors, and farmers. Tenant opportunities are available for Phase 1 with opening scheduled for 2019.”

“A farmstay is a unique lodging concept found at farms, ranches, and vineyards all over the world. In general they are characterized as single story bungalow style units clustered and integrated with an ongoing commercial farming operation. They provide a unique experience with the 24 hour life of a farm, a tie with the products of the farm, and an opportunity to educate visitors about the value of the farm and its products. By taking advantage of the special experience created by the farm, particularly in an urbanizing area, the farmstay also provides economic support for creating and maintaining the environment.”

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