An Urban Garden Fights for its Life

Posted on Sep 26 2017 - 6:40pm by UOG

Die Stadtgärtner der „Prachttomate“ in Neukölln. In der Bornsdorfer Straße 9 -11 in Berlin Neukölln.  Das Urban-Gardening-Projekt gibt es schon seit 2011. Auf dem Foto sind die Gärtner: Vanessa und Anja. und mit lockigem Haar Johannes und mit Sonnenbrille ganz cool Achim. Paar mit Hund ist zu Besuch. - leider sind nach dem Unwetter nur wenig Leute zum shooting gekommen. Deike beschreibt im Text viel mehr exotische Leute. Foto: Doris Spiekermann-Klaas

“A community garden in Berlin turned an abandoned yard into a green paradise. But the growing pressures of gentrification may pull up the collaborative project’s roots.

They say paradise is a garden. For over six years now, community gardeners in the Berlin neighborhood of Neukölln have been growing a little utopia. They took over a patch of unused ground, planting the half-acre with flowers and vegetables, and sharing the harvest with their neighbors. Anyone can join in, and they do: kids from the local schools, lonely single parents, newly arrived immigrants trying to put down roots.

The garden, known as Prachttomate, which translates roughly as “prize tomato,” has become a local success story, a self-created community resource and a microcosm of one of Berlin’s most multicultural neighborhoods. The success of the garden fits in with a change in urban gardening’s image in the last decade. Once seen as a dowdy hobby for the middle-aged, city gardening now attracts all ages with its improvements for health and quality of life, a hint of civilized living in the urban jungle.”

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