“Do Solar Eclipses Affect The Weather?” -The Farmer’s Almanac

Posted on Aug 21 2017 - 5:57am by UOG


“We’ve all been hoping for clear skies, free of cloud cover for the August 21st solar eclipse so we can get a good view of the Moon pass in front of the Sun. But do eclipses themselves have any impact on our weather?

When a solar eclipse occurs, the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in precise alignment; so precise that the Moon will cover the entire disc of the Sun and completely blot out its rays (for those in the path of totality). Solar eclipses not only mimic nighttime by turning the sky dark, they also bring evening’s cooler air temperatures.

If you’re standing outdoors on August 21st, when the total solar eclipse occurs across the U.S., you’ll feel this firsthand.”

How much of a temperature drop can we expect? Read the Full Article from the Farmer’s Almanac, here!

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