Meet Brian Blum, The Sustainable Dad in San Diego

Posted on Apr 10 2017 - 12:25pm by UOG

“Meet Brian Blum, a busy dad with a full time corporate job, who still makes time to create a sustainable paradise in San Diego. He has a small house on a small lot, but manages to do a lot with it. He grows healthy, organic food for his family and has planted close to 20 fruit trees, which are part of his permaculture food forest. In his aquaponics system, he raises fish and plants in a symbiotic relationship. Southern California suffers from drought, so he uses water wisely by harvesting rainwater, and reuses it by sending the water from his washing machine and sinks to his garden. His house is run 100% by the solar panels on his roof, and he composts everything he can to increase the fertility of his land and keep waste from the landfill. Almost everything he makes is out of reused materials. There’s even an off grid tiny house made from mostly recycled materials, and an outdoor compost toilet to turn his own waste into nutritious soil. He wants a world where his daughter can grow up and experience the same beauty he has, and he’s leading the way towards a happy, healthy earth through his simple daily actions.”

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