SPRING is here! Start growing TODAY with UOG’s Seed & Garden Club.

Posted on Mar 20 2017 - 8:10am by UOG


Happy Spring! It’s FINALLY HERE! Time to start planting your spring and summer gardens, regardless of where you live or what type of space you have to work with.When you join the UOG Seed & Garden Club, you are joining a community dedicated to helping you grow organic food all-year-round.

Each month you will receive a fully customized collection of totally raw un-treated GMO-FREE Heirloom seeds and garden supplies. Everything will be delivered to you at just the right time of the year – based on your grow zone – growing conditions – location – preferences – and more. 

Join the UOG Seed Club today and let’s grow together. We promise to make this a rewarding & exciting experience for you. 

Sign Up Today! https://urbanorganicgardener.cratejoy.com/