Twelve Organizations Promoting Urban Agriculture around the World

Posted on Dec 18 2016 - 8:33am by UOG


“The international community is beginning to recognize the integral role of urban agriculture in improving the economy, environment, and health of cities. Food Tank has put together a list of 12 organizations that are propelling urban agriculture in cities around the world. –source

  1. Camp Green (Kampala, Uganda): Harriet Nakabaale, one of the Uganda’s most successful urban farmers, runs Camp Green, a space where young people can learn the fundamentals of urban agriculture and how to develop their own urban farms with limited space. Since Camp Green started in 2012, they have reached over 10,000 city residents, teaching them how to compost waste, grow their own produce, raise their own chickens, and eat nutritiously. New Vision, Uganda’s government-owned daily newspaper, recognized Nakabaale as the woman achiever of the year in 2012, citing her outstanding dedication to ensuring food security in the community.
  2. Ciades Sem Fome (São Paulo, Brazil): Established in 2004 by social entrepreneur Hans Dieter Temp, Ciades Sem Fome (Cities Without Hunger) transforms São Paulo’s unused land into community gardens, school gardens, and agricultural greenhouses to improve the diets and health of local communities. The NGO provides local community members with the tools and training to start cultivating produce on the organization’s land. In doing so, they provide quality produce and food security to São Paulo’s deprived favelas, while also addressing unemployment.
  3. City Farm Project (Bangkok, Thailand): Nakorn Limpacuptathavon, known in Thailand as the Veggie Prince, founded the City Farm Project in 2014 as Thailand’s first NGO to promote and practice urban farming. The farm, which is about 650 square meters, produces pesticide-free produce for urban residents and provides workshops to people interested in urban farming. The workshops cover the principles of urban farming and organic food and provide experiential training on composting and recycling. Limpacuptathavon and the City Farm Project’s supporters also advocate for changes to local agriculture policy.”

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