“Half-Price” Bookstore Owner Opens a Store for Urban Farmers In Dallas

Posted on Dec 4 2016 - 6:56pm by UOG

“The 58-year-old owner of Half Price Books is throwing a Lake Highlands neighborhood party Thursday for the public reveal of Rooster Home & Hardware, an eco-friendly hardware store that specializes in urban farming, beekeeping, live chickens and supplies, and local products.”

“Everyone, including my husband, thinks I’m crazy and says: ‘Why are you doing this? It’s a terrible, bad idea.'” Anderson says as workers busily unbox merchandise to replenish empty shelves. “I don’t know. I feel compelled to do it. If we can get through the mess, it sounds like fun.”

The 33-year-old’s family of five lives a homestead lifestyle, raising chickens, rabbits, quail and aquaponic food and canning jellies and vegetables. “I’ve always wanted to teach people how to grow, garden and be self-sufficient. Taking this job gives me the chance to do that.”

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