The 15 Hottest Peppers in the World + other HOT products

Posted on May 3 2016 - 7:03pm by UOG

the-hottest-pepper-in-the-world-2-940x538“Imagine spending a night or a few in the hospital wishing there was a concise and quick list that covered the 15 hottest peppers in the world that you looked at before and knew what to avoid. Well, aren’t you in luck! We’ve gathered information to give you the peppers that top the Scoville Scales at ridiculous levels. Want to find out the quick story behind the scale and why it’s important? Want to see the side effect of eating hot peppers? Find out on this list, and who knows? Maybe you’ll be in a quiz one day asking for the scale’s name or what’s the hottest pepper at the current point in time, and you’ll have all the answers. We even went so far to even include a BONUS section at the end of the article after counting #1 to #15, including examples of other hot products but you have to read the article to find out exactly what is in this elusive section.”

Click here for the “15 Hottest Peppers in the World”!


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