These Incredible Plant-Filled Skyscrapers Could Be the Future of Urban Farming

Posted on Apr 14 2016 - 6:50pm by UOG


The future of urban farming may mean more than just growing food on rooftops throughout the city or on vacant land in neighborhoods.  In London, architects are dreaming up some neat futuristic farming ideas. The idea? Urban farming taking on the form of incredible, plant-filled skyscrapers.

“Architects at London-based architecture firm Roger Stirk Harbour and Partners have mocked up a futuristic farming tower that could feed hungry urban dwellers who lack access to food. They entered the idea in the Expo Milano 2015, which prompted designers to create a building that could help solve hunger while also addressing a growing world population and increasing migration to cities. Their brainchild is called the Skyfarm.”

Learn more about this Skyfarm’s here, at: “

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