SekuraGarden – Hang it. Grow it. Eat it.

Posted on Apr 21 2016 - 1:49pm by UOG

0206f0874afe3b2c4a12350395549702_originalThe SekuraGarden is a new kind of gardening system that makes it easy to create beautiful, multi-shelved hanging gardens in unused window space. Best of all, the system adjusts to fit most windows, install in just a few minutes, and does no damage in or around your window!

The SekuraGarden uses specially designed support arms that adjust to fit most window trim. Shelves hang below the support arms suspended by steel cables. The hanging shelves swing forward and are secured against the window with powerful suction cups. Being right up against the window gives plants full access to the sunlight and turns windows into a sort of mini-greenhouse.

“I created the SekuraGarden to get my seedlings off of messy crowded tables in front of windows and up into the window taking full advantage of the light. With the SekuraGarden I can start over 100 seedlings in a single window. It makes starting my garden each spring so much easier!” says the SekuraGarden inventor Jacob Ricks.


The SekuraGarden is perfect for city dwellers looking for gardening space in small apartments and makes it easy to grow year round herbs, greens, or other small plants.

The SekuraGarden is available in two-shelf units or can be ordered as part of the SekuraGarden Educational Pack. This pack includes a gardening curriculum for young children, a two-shelf SekuraGarden, 100 seed pods, and a selection of seeds.

“We currently have a SekuraGarden hanging in a window at our local library. It has been a huge success and the kids have loved learning about plants and watching their seeds grow! We hope that the SekuraGarden can be used by educators everywhere to help children develop a love of plants and gardening early in their lives.”

2 SekuraGardens

The SekuraGarden is available now for preorder on Kickstarter. “We chose to launch the SekuraGarden on Kickstarter to help cover the expensive up front production costs like plastic injection molds. It will also allow us to make a large order and receive a volume discount on the parts.” says Ricks.

SekuraGardens and SekuraGarden Education Packs can be pre-ordered for backers themselves or the teachers/schools of their choice from April 20, 2016 until May 25, 2016. Early backers of the campaign can get up to 27% the retail value.

Backers of the SekuraGarden during the Kickstarter campaign will be the first to receive their SekuraGardens with an estimated delivery date of August, 2016.

To learn more about the SekuraGarden, click here! 


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