How Urban Farms Are Changing The Way We Eat

Posted on Apr 16 2016 - 5:36pm by UOG


The demand for locally-grown produce is on the rise, and a 2015 report found that the number of farms with direct sales to consumers increased by 17%.  Another grocery shopper trend survey found that 29% of shoppers want to purchase more of their food from local sources.

“But some are asking the question: Is arugula that’s grown in a greenhouse in Chicago but owned by a multi-million-dollar company based in New York City really “local”?

To be clear, greenhouse farming is nothing new. The growing method is especially popular in Canada because of its cold climate that makes outdoor farming difficult, but most in the past have fallen into two camps: very small (local farmers tending to herbs and tomatoes) or massive industrial operations that ship the produce all over the world.”

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