Foodbank Creates Urban Garden

Posted on Apr 19 2016 - 6:27am by UOG


In Dayton, Ohio there’s a new urban garden that has sprouted up. It belongs to the FoodBank of Dayton and serves fresh produce to around 130,000 people from numerous counties.

“We want to bring more fresh produce, more fresh food to those who can’t afford to go to their closest grocery store which may be miles and miles away,” Lora Davenport, community relations manager for the Foodbank, said.

Ohio is ranked as one of the top states in the US where households are forced to eat less because they can’t afford more food.  “Dayton ranked fourth in 2012 for food hardship, according to the Food Research and Action Center, a national organization working to eradicate hunger and undernutrition in the U. S.”

To read more about the FoodBank’s Urban Garden visit: “

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