Touring Facebook’s Rooftop Garden Where The Views Are Grand – And So Are The Plants

Posted on Mar 6 2016 - 5:02pm by UOG


Did you know that Facebook has a nine-acre rooftop garden?  Even in the wintertime, the garden boasts spectacular views of beautiful plants and interesting structures.  The whole garden was built so that employees could have a space to walk outdoors, since there isn’t much room for them to walk inside the building.

“Ninety percent of the garden consists of native California plants. The 350 trees are a mix of evergreens and deciduous, with a variety of flowering types. The path system that wraps around the roof is one-half a mile long. There are breakout spaces for people to meet at frequent intervals. Resident and migrant birds share the space with employees.”

To view more of the gardens and read the entire article, visit: “

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