Nation’s First Vegan-Certified Farm Is Booming in Philly

Posted on Mar 13 2016 - 6:37pm by UOG


New farms are popping up all over the nation, growing food vertically has provided a way to grow more food in less space.  In South Philly, a new farm has sprouted and they are producing fresh, local food 365 days a year.  They also are serving up their community the fresh goods by making deliveries to restaurants, grocery stores and more.

Metropolis Farms is not only the first indoor hydroponic vertical farm in Philadelphia, it’s the first vegan-certified farm in the nation and the only known vertical farm to operate on the second floor of a building.” This means that the farm uses no pesticides, herbicides, animal manure or animal bi-products.  It has been certified by the American Vegetarian Association as well.

Metropolis Farms is currently growing herbs, lettuce and leafy greens, tomatoes and more. They have roughly 120,000 plants in just 36 square feet!  “The farm claims to use 98 percent less water since it just recirculates and 82 percent less energy compared to conventional and organic farms.”

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