Staten Island is Now Home to It’s FIRST Resident Urban Farmer

Posted on Feb 14 2016 - 5:56pm by UOG


New York City has been the home of major supermarkets, farmers markets and even the stock market but some residents are longing to turn unused or empty space within city limits to produce more local produce.  Staten Island now even houses it’s first “LIVE-IN Urban Farmer”.

“Zaro Bates has been hired as the resident farmer at Urby, a 900-unit, $150 million development in Staten Island’s Stapleton neighborhood. She’s described by the Post as “a Brooklyn woman with extensive urban farming experience, [who] will get a salary of around $40,000 and a free apartment.” Bates will be in charge of growing herbs, greens, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, and heirloom tomatoes on a small farm at the Urby site, and will also tend to rooftop beehives and a composting operation.”

Read more about Bates and all she plans on accomplishing over at: “


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