The Impacts of Increased Urban Farming in Phoenix

Posted on Jan 25 2016 - 8:13pm by UOG


Arizona State University is tackling big questions as to what would some of the impacts be if urban farming continues to increase.  What would Phoenix look like if more of the vacant or empty lots were transformed into community, urban farms?  Would it mean that more locally grown food would be available to those who live near the farms?

“Arizona State University is taking the lead on a collaborative national project to answer questions like these. Researchers in the university are developing a physics-based model utilizing weather and farming data to predict environmental, economic and socio-economic impacts of increased urban agriculture.”

“For example, the team will study what would happen if vacant lands around the Phoenix metropolitan area were converted to farms. The model will be able to take a future map of the city expansion and samplings based on current densities, and use that data to predict a future city scenario. Bringing food closer to consumers with less shipping means fresher, more nutritious food available at lower cost.”

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