The Homeless Garden Project Helps People Find The Tools They Need to Build a Home in the World.

Posted on Jan 17 2016 - 7:00pm by UOG


In the Homeless Garden Project, in Santa Cruz, trainees are able to learn about transitional employment in a structured environment. They also are learning basic life skills that are required for employment, while learning a variety of other marketable skills.   While volunteering in the gardens, they receive 4 hot meals a week prepared by other trainees and staff members.   The opportunity is there for giving back to the community by growing food for other numerous homeless and needy populations. The Homeless Garden Project currently grows organic fruit, flowers and vegetables for their community by hosting a CSA program.

Why do they do it? 
“Homelessness and joblessness go hand in hand. Lack of job skills, recent work history, social support network and low self esteem all make the transition out of homelessness more difficult. The integrated approach of the Homeless Garden Project’s programs addresses all of these needs.”

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