Farms in The Sky: Fewer Food Miles, Less Waste, More Jobs

Posted on Jan 27 2016 - 6:44pm by UOG


Urban farming on city rooftops is gaining popularity, and for many reasons. Everyone wants to consume food that is produced closer to home.

Space limitations in a city such as Hong Kong make rooftop farming an attractive option for growers. Farming on the rooftop has numerous social, economic and environmental benefits. A HKU paper examining green roofs concluded that:

“Apart from enhancing the city landscape and environment, mitigating the urban heat island effect and improving air quality, green roofs can improve the micro-climate and increase the life span of waterproof and insulation facilities on the roof. Consequently, roof greening with a sufficiently large scale is conducive to energy conservation and life cycle cost saving for the urban city.


Green roofs can help reduce three of the four top problems facing society in the next 50 years: energy, water, and environment. In this way, the green roof technology has a potential to improve the quality of population health and welfare in urban areas with dramatically reduced vegetation.”

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